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Khmer Art
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Viva Espana!
Our travels brought us recently to Spain, land of delicious tapas, sultry flamencos, and awesome bullfights. We were lucky enough to see Spain during it's most important festival, the Semana Santa. The display of devotion, the elaborate costumes and floats, and the stirring music moved us deeply. With it's delicious cuisine, varied architecture, religious festivals, beautiful landscapes, and rich cultural and artistic traditions, Spain truly deserves its reputation as one of the top travel destinations in the world. Click here to view our Spain galleries.
Feature Snapshot
Bullfight in MadridFor first time visitors, watching a bullfight can be a thrilling experience. Filled with pomp, pageantry, and high drama, a bullfight represents the classic struggle of man and beast. Waving his cape at the charging bull, the matador relies on flair and skill to wear down the animal before finally dealing the fatal blow with a thrust of his sword. The greatest of Spain's matadors are honored as heroes and their statues often grace the entrances to the Plaza de Toreos.
Feature Black & White
For a temple to stand out in Egypt, land of pyramids, colossi and works of vast grandeur, it would have to be special indeed.Bust  of  Ramses  II Luxor is one such temple. From the avenue of sphinxes, to the enormous granite figures at the entrance, to the hypostyle hall with columns made to resemble closed and opened lotuses and finally to the main sanctuary housing twelve massive, striding statues of Ramses II, Luxor continues to overwhelm visitors.

Pictured here is a close-up of a fallen head from one of the two colossi at the temple entrance. The features were saved from destruction by early Christians because the head itself and much of the temple was covered by sand.

Film used was Ilford Pan-F 50. Somehow, the prints from Ilford's black and white emulsions come out better than their Kodak counterparts.

Welcome to Our Site
We debated whether we should only post photos from our Asian travels on this site. After much thought, however, we decided to expand our original scope and include photos from our travels to other regions as well. So it's not just about one region but about capturing the joys of traveling in this wonderful planet of ours!

We want to share these fantastic places with fellow travelers and kindered spirits. If we are able to inspire you to pack your bags, see the world, or maybe pick up a camera, then our mission is done.

If your interest lies in art and architecture, we recommend exploring the awesome Khmer temples in Cambodia or the ancient Pyramids in Egypt. If you interest is in nature, then the mountain ranges of Nepal will offer you a natural high! And of course, there's the wealth of religions, cultures, and traditions that can make your travel experience all the more richer.

Travel Notes
The best way to experience Spain is through its cuisine. But with dinners starting as late as 10 p.m., it can seem that meal times for locals are based on a very, very slow clock. But don't worry, you can always duck into a tapas bar when you start feeling faint. You could even make an inexpensive meal out of the wonderful variety available! Make sure you try salt-cured jamon serrano or better yet, jamon jabugo; tortilla a la espanola or wedges of potato and onion omelettes; chorizo or garlic and paprika-flavored sausages; and bacalao or fried slices of salted cod. Most bars have their own specialties so you can make an evening out of barhopping and sampling the delicious selections.
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Reknowned Filipino author and National Book Awardee, Angelo Lacuesta, recently spent a month at Hawthornden Castle in Scotland. There amidst the beauty of rolling yellow hills shrouded in fog, he learns to conquer not only his writing demons but also flesh-tearing critters called Badgers.

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